Update – on the Friday 7th August I was back in Adam’s office, after a really shitty week and anxiety through the roof and he said that the CT showed some activity in mostly two lesions (segment six of  my liver), however as we were comparing CT to previous MRI, he didn’t want to confirm or deny whether it was back! My CEA (tumour) markers were not ready and I was to book an MRI for six weeks. I asked if I could have one earlier but the surgeon wanted me to wait. Sigh. Fast forward again to Wednesday 12th and I was told over the phone that my markers were at 22.8 ng/ml. The normal range is <2.5 ng/ml in an adult non-smoker and <5.0 ng/ml in a smoker. I saw Adam Friday 14th August and he said we need to move fast and he sent me for an emergency MRI Monday 17th August which confirmed that the cancer was there and the lesions had grown again.

**Liver resection was performed on 24th August 2020 and all lesions and cancer were removed.

Update – on the 8th June 2020, I had a meeting with Adam, my oncologist and he confirmed that there was no evidence of disease and that no further treatments were necessary! I will continue to have three monthly check ups, including bloods and MRI/CT. The next one is due beginning of August. Here is a clip of me ‘ringing the bell’ with Dr Adam and his team at Nosworthy Oncology (DGMC) and my husband laughing in the background, along with a post about why this moment was so important! Big smiles all round! Love, Jojo xo

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Today was an extremely important day for me! I used to stare at that bell with determination that one day I would ring it and today I did. Four rings for HOPE, VICTORY, STRENGTH and RECOVERY. 🔔💙I DO NOT need an operation or chemo tablets! I am in full remission and can go forward now and live my life with my beautiful family. Today symbolizes all the hard work, tears, pain and anxiety of the last ten months but it also symbolizes love, support, kindness, positivity and sheer determination to never give up! I am alive today because of Adam(he’s the funny one ringing the bell 😆) his colleagues and team. It’s not all about science, the love and care I felt every visit and phone call got me through this journey and I am eternally grateful to them. Not forgetting my husband, daughter, my family including Damian’s (they’re my family too) and friends! Also Reshma, my surgeon who removed my tumour and placed my portal in! Now to go and LIVE MY LIFE ❤️🌈 #remission #cancersurvivor #nosworthyclinic #oncology #chemo #stage4coloncancer #ibeatit #mysquad #love #support #hope #victory #strength #recovery #gratitude #newlife #newopportunities #secondchances #nevergiveup #myjourney

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